Homeland review: Brody comes back with a 1-2 punch

Nov 25, 2013 at 5:17 a.m. ET

Homeland finally gets interesting and Dana finds her likeable side when Brody returns to the States.

Homeland Carriea and BrodyHomeland's "Cold Turkey" was the episode we've waited all season for. We got all the fast-paced, game changing and plot building we loved from the show in one episode. And then we got some seriously good, heartbreaking drama.

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Spoilers ahead!

When we last saw Brody (Damian Lewis), Saul had flown to Caracas to retrieve him and he was in awful condition. Hooked on heroin, sunken in depression and gravely ill. Not to mention that nearly the entire world still thinks he's responsible for the CIA bombing. What did Saul want?

Only for Brody to head to Iran and turn himself in for diplomatic immunity, get a meeting with the leader and then assassinate him. That way Saul's recently turned murderer operative could move up higher in the Iranian ranks and just maybe help America play a bigger part in Iranian politics.

He brought Brody home to America and, with the help of a Special Forces unit, detoxed him and got him off heroin cold turkey. (Who knew SF also trained in drug rehabilitation? Not us!) Recovered but weak and wanting to die, Brody was in a position to be an asset to the Agency, but that's exactly what Saul expected of him.

It took Carrie (Claire Danes), still in a sling from being shot, to begin convincing Brody to carry out the next part of Saul's plan. Two trips to visit Dana gave Brody the strength he needed to not only agree to do the mission, but to have the confidence to say he'd make it back alive, too.

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How'd Dana do it?

By being a feisty and sullen teenager. Dana has served as an annoyance to Homeland fans and critics nearly since the beginning of Homeland, but especially this season. We get it. Her dad has made her life a living Hell. However, the joy ride with the crazy boyfriend and her constant bratty pout only made her seem like a spoiled victim wannabe. The writers haven't really given her any redeeming qualities, and she's not done anything worthy of fans. That is until this week.

After Dana changed her last name and moved out of her mother's house, she also dropped out of school, got a job as a housekeeper at a hotel and moved into her workplace. Brody was understandably distraught at this turn of events. When he made his way into her hotel room and declared his innocence, it had no effect on Dana. When Brody returned from being held prisoner, his actions continued to make things worse for Dana and her family, instead of better. In Dana's eyes, he never stopped to think about what his actions might do to her. He continued that cycle by showing up at her hotel room. Despite her obvious attempts at trying to move on and put her past behind her, Brody came shuffling through her door, all his baggage in tow.

Instead of a screaming match, Dana shrugged it off. Sure, there were watery eyes and of course she refused to accept him back into her life. But she handled it in a believable and relatable way. She shut down and shut him out.

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Brarrie/Cady returns

Do we have a ship name for Carrie and Brody? If not, we should definitely work on that. It wasn't entirely obvious how things would go this time around. At first, Carrie could barely look at Brody. She still hasn't told him she's pregnant. However, she snuck him out to see Dana and, on the way back, Brody promised he'd return from his mission... and not just because of his daughter. If Brody makes it home alive, it will no doubt be a bumpy ride, rife with drama. However, we're still hoping for these two to make it work.

So, what's next?


Share your feelings. Are you rooting for Carrie and Brody? Love/hate Dana?