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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Harry Connick Jr. gushes over Angels Sing co-star Connie Britton

Harry Connick Jr. may be the star of Angels Sing, but Connie Britton is its heart. Both actors lend their talents to the new Christmas-themed movie.

Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled. This holiday season, Cowgirl Up Entertainment has released a new film called Angels Sing. It stars a group of actor-musicians including Harry Connick Jr., Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.

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Connick plays Michael Walker, a man who’s lost his Christmas spirit. As a child, he loved the holiday, but his joy was crushed due to a tragic accident. Thirty years have passed, but Michael still can’t muster up any cheer. Thankfully, his wife Susan (Connie Britton) is there to bring him out of his funk.

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In an exclusive interview, Connick speaks about his on-screen wife, who steals the show.

“Connie Britton deserves all of the success that she’s achieved because she’s deeply committed to the process,” Connick says. “She’s so bright and giving as an actor. Coming to work every day knowing that she would be there — she’s just great to be around.”

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He continues, “She’s taken a sort of typical wife character, and she’s really given it something that’s important to the film.”

The rest of Britton’s cast mates agree with Connick’s sentiment. Her character is at the heart of the story. She’s not just some overbearing wife and mother. She’s caring and considerate, and you can’t take your eyes off her.

Angels Sing co-stars Lyle Lovett, Fionnula Flanagan, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson and Chandler Canterbury.

The film is available now on VOD.

Photo credit: Cowgirl Up Entertainment

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