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Drake and other celeb shirtless selfies shared this week

The weather may be cooling down, but celebs like Drake heated up the web this week via shirtless selfies…. and some managed to make headlines with their shirts on.


Is it our imagination, or is Drake looking hotter and hotter these days? One thing’s for sure: The steamy, post-workout selfie he Instagrammed on Wednesday sure got our heart rates up.

Justin Bieber

Jenny McCarthy

Don’t get us wrong… we like us some pizza. But Jenny McCarthy? Well, that is apparently one woman who really likes pizza (and isn’t afraid of a hot-cheese-meets-bare-skin scenario).

James Franco
James Franco has been known to post some pretty kooky pictures on social media. But here, in a nod to peer pressure, he simply nails the standard shirtless selfie. Hmm, peer pressure looks good on him, wouldn’t you say?

Bar Refaeli

As if we weren’t already jealous enough of her, gorgeous model Bar Refaeli shows off her bikini bod on a dreamy beach somewhere. Hopefully she was wearing sunscreen — she’s still sporting a Band-aid on her perfectly toned tummy from a mole removal.

Celebs who kept their shirts on (but made headlines)

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner caused a major ruckus this week when the teenager posted a modeling pic in which her nips can be seen right through her blouse. But in her defense, she’s part of the Kardashian clan. Shedding her clothes could be genetic, no?

Miley Cyrus
It’s not like Miley Cyrus is a play-it-safe kind of girl. (It’s our firm belief that anyone who faux-pleasures themselves with a foam finger is a risk taker.) So it shouldn’t have come as a shock when she debuted her new bleached — aka invisible — eyebrows. And yet, here we are picking our jaws off the floor again.

Courtney Stodden
It’s true, amazingly: Teen child-bride (now separated) Courtney Stodden actually made news for something not involving taking off her clothes. This week, she posted a skimpy selfie proclaiming her readiness to tackle the night… and was later seen dancing up a storm with 53-year-old Edward Lozzi.

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