Kelly Clarkson ignores Adele’s important baby advice

Adele is happily at home with baby, but she warned Kelly Clarkson long ago that getting pregnant may be the worst thing that can happen to your career.


Kelly Clarkson and her brand new husband Brandon Blackstock announced they were having a baby this week, but she has one fan that was hoping she would wait. Clarkson remembers that she ran into Adele, who told her not to rush having a baby.

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“She said, ‘Girl, don’t have a baby ’cause everything else will go on the back burner,'” Clarkson told Us Weekly.

Adele gave birth to her son Angelo last year, and has not yet released a followup to her 2011 album 21. Earlier this year, there were rumors she was back in the studio working on new music, but nothing has come from that news yet. Clarkson said the two ran into each other just months after Angelo was born and the two gushed about each other.

“I ran into her at the Grammys… and I was like, ‘So, when is your next album coming out?'” Clarkson said. “She knows now I’m a superfan. She’s so sweet. She’s my big favorite to work with just because I’m a huge fan. She told me she was a big fan, too, and gave me some advice.”

Clarkson announced her pregnancy on Tuesday, Nov. 19 and tweeted the news out to the world.

The singer obviously didn’t listen to Adele’s advice, and has been planning this baby for a while. She explained to Us Weekly before she was even married, “More than anything, next I want a baby. My record label is freaking out because all I can talk about now are babies. We’re really excited and want to get our family started. I’m 31 and we’d like to do it the natural way. My eggs aren’t getting any younger!”

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Despite Adele and her record label’s warning, Clarkson said she is “so happy living in babyland.”

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