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INTERVIEW: Woody Harrelson says it’s ridiculous to give a s*** about awards season

We sat down with Woody and found out he initially turned down this film, despite loving the script. Watch our interview to find out what his wife had to say about it and hear his blunt thoughts on awards season.

Woody Harrelson is thought to be a pretty nice guy, so it seems logical that he’d want to stretch himself and play a despicable jerk. No so much, it turns out.

After reading the script, Harrelson said, “I thought, ‘Phenomenal script.’ But part of me wasn’t sure about playing this part because he’s so detestable.”

So who did the actor, who also plays Haymitch in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, turn to for advice?

“My wife read it and said, ‘Don’t do it.’ And she’s almost never done that, but in this case, she was pretty adamant — and I had to kind of resist that,” said Harrelson.

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What made him take the risk of playing such an evil dude? He claims it was getting charmed by the director, Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart).

Harrelson says, “He can talk the skin off a snake.”

Scott Cooper says he convinced Woody through sincerity, without being selfish.

Harrelson said humbly, “A lot of people could have done it. I’m glad it was me.”

Watch the video to find out what real life-changing moment affected Woody and to hear his honest opinion on awards season.

Out of the Furnace opens in theaters Dec. 6.

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