INTERVIEW: Christian Bale’s “life ends up as utter crap

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Most of us would agree — but not Christian Bale. We sat down with the ex-Batman star to find out how he approached this highly emotional and gritty story about two brothers who demand justice.

When we asked Christian Bale which scene in the film Out of the Furnace was the most difficult to film, he gave us a surprising answer.

“I really feel there wasn’t a whole lot of difficulty through this because we filmed in the right locations,” said Bale.

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The actor continued, “It didn’t feel like a performance, ever. The way Scott [Cooper, the director] works, you don’t aim for something — you see what happens. Each take can be radically different.”

That seemed to us like a very unusual approach to filming scenes, but Bale disagreed.

“As long as there’s a truth in each of them, then that’s absolutely fine. When you’re dealing with it that way, things happen and they surprise you, the way they do in life. That makes it feel incredibly easy and very bloody satisfying,” said Bale.

About his character — Russell Baze, a man seeking revenge for his younger brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) — Bale said, “You see a decent man descending into retribution and violence, but for absolutely understandable reasons.”

Can revenge ever be something honorable?

“To me, Russell brings revenge as close to something honorable as anything I’ve ever seen,” said the former Dark Knight star.

Watch the video to find out how Bale researched his role and what he thinks about how Out of the Furnace will fare this awards season!


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