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20 Gratuitous GIFs proving Adam Levine is Sexiest Man Alive

People magazine has declared Adam Levine 2013’s Sexiest Man Alive, and we couldn’t agree more. Since the Maroon 5 frontman/The Voice coach’s raw sex appeal is pretty obvious (just look at him), consider these tasty little GIFs an early Christmas gift.


His hips move like this

Adam Levine GIF

First of all, damn him for looking hotter in skin-tight leather pants than us. Second of all, bless him for looking hotter in skin-tight leather pants than us.

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He’s like the pied piper of attraction

Adam Levine GIF

When Adam Levine ushers, women come a’runnin. If you think that sounds sexist, be real — if he motioned to you like this, wouldn’t you ditch your Manolos and make haste in his direction?


His suit and tie make JT look like a chump

Adam Levine GIF

No offense to Justin Timberlake ’cause he’s a morsel, too, but Levine struts the hell out of some formal wear.


He’s not afraid to be vulnerable

Adam Levine GIF

Levine buff, in bed and fraught with emotion? Talk about room service! Can we have our order of hunky, introspective rock star with a vanilla latte?

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He wants you

Adam Levine GIF

We’d wager the feeling is mutual, no?


He’s got great hand/balls coordination

Adam Levine GIF

We haven’t seen solid ball play like this since the Red Sox won the World Series. On a scale of 1 to 10, how inappropriate would it be to say we’d totally let him get to third base?


He’s also got great hand/eye coordination

Adam Levine GIF

I think the important thing to take away here is that he’s good with his hands.


He’s got a little wiggle in his walk

Adam Levine GIF

Now really, how is anyone supposed to concentrate on singing when he sashays around like that?

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He cuddles puppies

Adam Levine GIF

Cute? Sure. Sexy? Hell, yeah. Levine with a puppy is so swoon-worthy it’s almost sensory overload.


He’s a fighter

Adam Levine GIF

If you watch The Voice, you know Levine isn’t afraid to go toe to toe over the contestants he’s passionate about. It would be nice if the show’s producers would quit being so selfish and share Levine’s hotness with the world by having him duke it out shirtless.


He’s a hugger

Adam Levine GIF

You know, even if it’s only a mental hug. Just FYI, Levine, we’d hug you so hard.


He giggles

Adam Levine GIF

Few men can work goofiness the way Levine does. He’s got that boyish awkwardness about him that just makes us feel like doodling his name in hearts all over a three-ring binder.


He’s got the moves like Jagger

Adam Levine GIF

While in many ways we’re not even sure what that means, we’re fairly certain it’s good and dirty… and that’s all right by us.


He thinks you’re A-OK

Adam Levine GIF

Again with the goofiness. And, again, we’re oddly turned on by his dorky display of approval.


His ugly face is pretty, too

Adam Levine GIF

There are certain occasions during which even beautiful people should exercise a modicum of ugliness to level the playing field — like when they stump their toe and let out a string of profanities or when they cry. Judging by this “ugly” mug, we’re guessing Levine always looks, well, like a rock star.


He’s got a wink to end all winks

Adam Levine GIF

What with the smirk, the eyebrow twitch and the double eye action, Levine’s wink is a one-two punch of seduction. It’s like poetry in motion.


He brought the cardigan back

Adam Levine GIF

Move over, Grandpa — cardigans aren’t just for the silver-haired fellas anymore. Levine has brought sexy back to this senior citizen staple.


There’s this

Adam Levine GIF

Um, what more is there to say?


Blake Shelton finds him irresistible

Adam Levine GIF

We tune into The Voice to watch Levine and cowboy Blake Shelton’s bromance unfold just as much as we watch for the undiscovered talent. And we know how you feel, Blake… we wouldn’t be able to pry ourselves off of him either.

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Did we mention he like puppies?

Adam Levine GIF

Oh, we did, you say? Well, it’s sexy enough to merit a second mention. Insert double entendre about heavy petting here.

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