10 Post-grad jobs for Glee's Sam

Nov 21, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Sam Evans is about to graduate on Glee and he's dropped a lot of hints as to his many talents throughout the course of the series that could be the key to his future.

Sam Evans wants to try modeling on Glee

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) is about to fly the coop and spread his wings post-graduation on Glee. If he doesn't choose to go to university, what jobs is he currently prepared to step into without much training? We have some ideas he may enjoy.

1. Model — It's pretty obvious given the shot above from "Movin' Out" that Sam's desire is to try his hand at modeling. There's no denying he has the body for it. His face isn't too bad, as long as he keeps his mouth on the smaller side.

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2. Pie taster — Speaking of that rather large mouth, it would be an ideal size for the less-traditional job of pie taster, don't you think? Of course, that would mean doing a lot more sit-ups to maintain his physique.

3. Professional impersonator — Sam wants to move to New York, and the nightlife would surely afford him the opportunity to utilize his James Earl Jones, Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Walken and Nicolas Cage impressions, among others.

4. Pizza delivery boy — He's done it before. There's no reason to rule it out for the future.

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5. Chapstick salesman — Sam has shown his affinity for Chapstick by asking Santa for some, thanking Rachel (Lea Michele) for more and stuffing his locker full of it.

6. Avatar actor in Avatar 2 — He speaks Na'vi which is the native language spoken in the movie. Really, other than the ability to be subjected to a computer generated version of him, there should be no other qualifications. His voice speaks for itself.

7. Personal trainer — Sam is obsessed with dieting and exercise, and he's hot. If there are other qualifications for being a personal trainer, they seem pointless once those two are met.

8. Astronomer — While this path may require further education, Sam is obsessed with astronomy, so maybe if he learns he could make a living merely gazing at the stars, he'll think about taking some night classes (because you can only see stars at night — get it?).

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9. Mud wrestler referee — It seems whenever there's a girl fight, Sam is the one to hold them back. Why not put that skill to good use and referee the pros?

10. Stripper — It got him into a lot of trouble, and he almost lost his family over it, but when you have to put food on the table, sacrifices will be made — sacrifices for the greater good. The greater good are the ladies and gentleman who will benefit from his semi-nude physique.

Do you have a favorite job for Sam, or would you have a better idea? Drop your choice in the comments!

Image courtesy of Fox