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Why Gosling & McAdams are soul mates, based on their astrological signs

Rumor has it Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are headed toward a reconciliation, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little psyched about it (no offense, Eva!). Curious about the fate of our favorite couple the second time around, we consulted the zodiac to see why McGosling is meant to be.

They’re one of the most erotic zodiac matches possible

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Well, hey now! According to, “the Scorpio duo ecstatically merges in the depth of shared emotion.” So, the first thing that comes to mind — after bow chicka bow bow — is, well, duh. Have you seen these two? Of course they can’t keep their hands off each other.

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They’re really in tune with each other’s feelings

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Scorpios have an innate hyper-intuitiveness, which we basically take to mean they can do cutesy things like cast each other knowing glances and finish each other’s sentences. Because the two feel so deeply — particularly in regard to each other— they express themselves openly and deeply. When they decide to vocalize their emotions, they don’t leave anything on the table.

They like to move it, move it

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Because Scorpios are active by nature, the Scorpio couple is — you guessed it — very active. They enjoy being social, they enjoy being outdoors and, well, they enjoy being social outdoors. Remember when they were dating and were always seen strolling down some city sidewalk or canoodling over coffee at an al fresco table? We can only hope that, this go-round, the couple that plays together stays together.

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They know when to take a risk

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Really, isn’t all dating these days a calculated risk? Scorpios have a special knack for knowing when to take a chance. Of course, the Scorpio couple does due diligence before making any decision — thorough research and analysis is generally involved. Hmm, maybe all of the relationships they’ve had during their split were simply very, very thorough research. After all, you’ve got to throw in a variable every now and then, right?

They love the s*** out of each other

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Hands down, the most promising factor in favor of McGosling living happily ever after is that a Scorpio-Scorpio love match is all-consuming. The depth of love and utter devotion these two share rivals none other than their Notebook characters, Noah and Allie (perhaps they were both Scorpios, too?).

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Disclaimer: Scorpio-Scorpio love matches can also result in extreme jealousy, irrational possessiveness, frenetically powerful fighting, toxic pent-up emotions and the destruction of both involved. But, really… what’s a character flaw or two among friends?

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