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INTERVIEW: Oldboy’s Pom Klementieff spills on fighting with Josh Brolin

This gal does some serious butt kicking in her new film Oldboy, which also stars Josh Brolin. We sat down with this martial arts mistress to find out how she became such a bada**.

Oldboy is an American retelling of the 2003 Korean film of the same name about a man who is imprisoned for 20 years and then suddenly freed.

The first thing we asked Pom is what she thought when she first read the script.

“I was so excited, of course, because Oldboy by Chan-wook Park was one of my favorite movies. I saw it when I was like 16 in theaters, and Spike Lee — I admire him so much, so I was really excited. I read the script, and I thought, ‘Oh, maybe it’s going to be sweetened, in the end.’ But actually, it’s even more twisted!”

During the fight scenes with Josh Brolin, Pom admitted she was frightened.

“He was coming toward me like he was a bull, and I had to be careful not to hit him in the face, because he’s the lead in the movie! If he has a bruise because of you — oh, my god!”

About her extreme fighting ability, the Canadian-born actress said, “I was boxing when I was in Paris. I was thinking about the audition. Then, during the shooting, I had to train in martial arts three hours a day for two months. I lost a toenail at the end of the movie. I was hitting it so hard, and then it turned black and just fell off. I put an Angry Birds Band-Aid on it to make it more fun for me. It was just ugly!”

We asked her how she felt about wearing some seriously sexy lingerie in the movie.

She said, “It was weird being half-naked. But with Spike Lee, you do anything he tells you to do. You trust him.”

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Given that Josh Brolin had to play a man who was locked up for 20 years and then released, we asked Klementieff what would be the first thing she’d do after a long prison sentence.

“Something with food, but it’s too boring to say that. Swim in the sea or something really connected with nature? The first thing Josh does when he gets out of the box is smell the grass. You’re like an animal,” she said.

Watch the video to find out which person she most wants to work with in Hollywood and which actor she most crushes on.

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Oldboy opens in theaters Nov. 27.

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