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Top 10 music gadgets

When it comes to special occasions, music gadgets are at the top of many people’s wish lists. Here are some fun gifts you should consider this year for the music lover in your life.

Whether it’s classical, pop or hip hop, these music gadgets feature some of the best advances in technology. If you’re looking for the perfect music gift for a friend or family member, here are 10 suggestions not to miss.

Google Nexus 7 tablet

Powerful and portable, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet is great for playing music. With surround sound powered by Fraunhofer, the inventors of the MP3, your music lover will be able to immerse herself in her favorite tunes using this 7-inch tablet (Google, starting at $229).


Bitcasa is a great gift for those who own digital music. This drive allows you to securely store, access and share all your digital content, including music. Bitcasa users can instantly access everything they own on any device. (Bitcasa, free for under 10GB and $10 per month and up for more).

X-mini Bluetooth Capsule speaker

Allow the music lovers in your life to transform their phone from mobile device to sound system with the portable X-mini KAI Bluetooth Capsule Speaker, which connects to your phone or MP3 player cordlessly for listening anytime, anywhere (Office Depot, $60).

Shower Tunes

This unique shower curtain or liner has a built-in, waterproof surround-sound speaker system that lets users listen to music — all from inside the shower. The Shower Tunes curtain also has a waterproof, touch-sensitive control pouch that gives users this unique experience in a way that lets them avoid worrying about their gadgets getting wet and being destroyed (Amazon, $40).

Wireless in-ear headphones

Perfect for someone who enjoys working out, Denon’s Exercise Freak wireless, in-ear headphones are great stocking stuffers. These headphones are super lightweight and sweatproof. A special reflective band on the back helps keep runners safe at night as well (Denon, $149).


The smart guitar gTar is a great gift for someone who thinks he has everything — but still hasn’t learned to play an instrument. All you need is an iPhone to plug in and play music. This app lets you play hundreds of your favorite songs, and you don’t have to pay for music lessons or an amp (gTar, $399).

Mini boom box

Think of this as the boom box for the 21st century. This 5W Mini Boom Box with Bluetooth produces high-quality, high-volume music in a portable form. It’s perfect for use at parties, picnics or other gatherings (Monoprice, $46).

Mini keyboards

Casio’s line of mini keyboards may look small, but they offer features and performance that go beyond their size. These mini keyboards are perfect for beginners, and they allow musicians to take their craft anywhere (Amazon, $70 and up).

Entertainment center

This isn’t just any entertainment center. The Crosley Musician Entertainment Center includes a CD player, cassette deck, AM/FM radio and record player. It’s portable audio that’s ready for your iPod or MP3 device (Wayfair, $120).


Perfect for the singer in your life, the Singtrix is an exciting experience that allows anyone to sound like a pro using their own natural voice. Karaoke has nothing on this gadget (Singtrix, $300).

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