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INTERVIEW: Banks won’t make eye contact with teen girls

Elizabeth Banks has some new rules for herself, given her wild success as Effie Trinket in last year’s The Hunger Games. Watch our interview, in which she and Lenny Kravitz talk about how they interact with fans on the street now.

Rocker Lenny Kravitz was really excited to work with new director Francis Lawrence and new costume designer Trish Summerville.

He said, “I was really excited about the new vision and the imagery and the costumes and how this was going to be filmed. I knew this was going to go to another level, and I was really excited about that — and of course, getting back together with the cast because we all really enjoy each other as people and have a lot of fun doing these films.”

For Elizabeth Banks, the large amount of time she spent in hair and makeup preparing to play Effie “Is totally worth it.”

Her most fun memory from shooting Catching Fire?

“I think being fanned at the reaping by Woody and Jen is my favorite moment. It was very hot, and I was wearing an outfit made out of 10,000 hand-painted feathers, which keep animals warm and thus kept me very warm. So I didn’t sweat out on this gorgeous piece of art I was wearing, they took over the duties of fanning me,” said Banks.

What did Kravitz enjoy most? Katniss herself.

“Jen [Lawrence] is always ready to go to great lengths to make me and everyone else on the set laugh. So when she was in the tube and ready to go up to the games, she would do some funny things that I really can’t speak about and expose certain things about herself that I really can’t speak about, but she is a really, really funny person. That’s the best thing about Jennifer — in the middle of an intense scene or something emotional, right when ‘cut’ is yelled, you don’t know what’s going to come,” he said.

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Considering Hunger Games fans take it to another level, we asked if the stars had any crazy experiences.

Banks said, “I try to avoid making eye contact with teenage girls — that’s one of my new rules. I like surprising people, when they’re like, ‘Are you really her?’ Or they tell me you look like this actress Elizabeth Banks, and I say, ‘I do? Who is that?’ It’s my favorite thing!”

Kravitz said, “It’s funny. I’m used to being chased on the street as myself, and now they yell, ‘Cinna!’ I’ve become a whole other person.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens Nov. 22.

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