The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun on how to kick zombie butt

Nov 15, 2013 at 7:56 p.m. ET

Steven Yeun talks about what it takes to get in shape to outrun walkers on The Walking Dead and about Glenn's journey in Season 4.

Steven Yeun

On AMC's The Walking Dead, Glenn has just been through quite an ordeal. After surviving the zombie apocalypse for the last four seasons, Maggie's fiancé nearly found himself done in by the super flu. Luckily, Glenn got the medicine that he needed thanks to Daryl and the rest of his team, but it's doubtful this is the last challenge he'll see on the series.

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Recently, AMC published a new blog entry that featured a Q-and-A with actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the show. Apparently, prepping to outrun walkers (even if those walkers are only actors in makeup) is a lot of hard work, especially if you want to look realistic.

"Norman and Andy and I have a lot of discussions about this," Yeun revealed. "We do have to be strong enough to pull off what we're asked as actors to do. But then also, we want to make it realistic, in that we don't want these guys to be jacked or anything like that. I just try to stay relatively healthy."

The boys even had discussions about taking their training into a new level of realism.

"We even had discussions about taking a one-week camping trip to get disheveled and disgusting," Yeun said. "It's interesting, because once we start shooting we actually start getting skinnier and more [malnourished] and gaunt as we go."

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Boxing is also a part of Yeun's workout routine, thanks to former co-star Jon Bernthal.

"The first and second season, Jon Bernthal got me into boxing, and that's been good to just get strong without making you look like you're 'roiding out," Yeun said.

Glenn and Maggie's relationship has thus far survived the zombie apocalypse, but this season has been more of a test than ever. Yeun talked about that journey and said Glenn cares about family more than anything this season.

"I knew that going in [to this season] that Glenn was going to be a little more careful. He wants to really keep and cherish the idea of family, and keeping those around him that he loves. Scott [Gimple] told me that was the direction Glenn was headed. But there were some surprises in terms of how feeble he was in his attempts to do so, early on."

At the beginning of the series, Glenn was kind of the comic relief of the show, but his character hasn't had as much time for humor recently. Yeun said he hopes that part of him will come back again.

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"I think earlier on in the first season, and the second season a bit, Glenn had that [humor]," Yeun said. "But I think that as things wear on him, and as Glenn started having more things to care about and protect, he became a little darker. But I think that part of him still exists and [I] hope it will come out sooner or later."

Image courtesy of AMC