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Details on Melissa Joan Hart and Ryan Reynolds make-out sesh

Melissa Joan Hart raised eyebrows when she spilled on the numerous famous men she dated before marrying Mark Wilkerson.

Melissa Joan Hart is known for being a Hollywood sweetheart despite a past of hard partying. And all that sweetness sure paid off during her younger years — before marrying Mark Wilkerson — when she dated and made out with a slew of cute and famous men.

Chatting with Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday, Hart gave the scoop on past loves and hot dates, especially a super-cute make-out session with Ryan Reynolds when he was young.

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“He gave me this beautiful watch and ran out of my dressing room,” Hart said of the actor. “I chased him down and in the headlight of his car, I stopped him… and I just grabbed him and kissed him. We just made out all night… Ryan has grown up nicely.”

Other hot hookups Hart had the luck of snagging include Jerry O’Connell at The Kentucky Derby as well as a spontaneous kiss with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. “It was just one of those hot moments. We made out.”

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But it was the O’Connell hookup that Hart appreciates the most because its end result led to meeting her current husband, Wilkerson.

“I met Mark and that [same] night I made out with Jerry.” Hart said. “But the next morning at the Derby races, Jerry is hitting on someone else and I said, ‘Oh, I see how this is going to be.’ And then Jerry said to me, ‘When we get back to L.A. are we going to hang out?’ And I said, ‘I don’t think so, I think I met the man I’m going to marry.'”

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