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INTERVIEW: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘s Bruno Gunn

SheKnows’ own Lauren Kelly sat down with Bruno Gunn, who plays the role of Brutus in the most anticipated film of the fall. Find out which actor he was most intimidated by and how he and Jennifer Lawrence joked around.

We couldn’t help but ask the hunky actor about the strange goings-on on his Twitter account and why he keeps hashtagging TomBlur.

“What in the world is Tom blur?” we asked.

“Tom Blur came about on this Victory Tour,” said Gunn. “We were in Philadelphia and the fans are coming through the line and one of the fans had a camera and she said, ‘Say hello to Tom Blur,’ and I said to her, ‘Say hi to who?’ And she enunciated it — she meant Tumblr but she said Tom Blur and I went ‘Oh, hi Tom,’ thinking there was some guy named Tom Blur. So I hashtagged TomBlur.”

We asked Gunn, “What was your reaction when you found out you had an audition for Catching Fire?”

He said, “I didn’t quite know what Catching Fire was. I hadn’t read the books. I was at Gold’s Gym in Venice, I was doing dead-lifts in the middle of the afternoon and my phone rang and my agent said ‘You have an audition for Catching Fire.’ I said, ‘Catching Fire?’ He said, ‘Yes, the second installment of The Hunger Games, can you be there in two hours?’ I went home and I gathered as much information as I could.”

Gunn said he went in to read and tried not to focus on the prospect of playing Brutus too much. As an actor, he claims it’s best not to get too excited over every audition. A week later he found out he’d been “pinned,” meaning he was one of three or four guys being seriously considered for the role.

The next week he was on his way to Italy. He was at the airport in Toronto trying to catch a flight to Rome when he got the phone call from his agent.

“He told me I was Catching Fire’s Brutus,” said Gunn. “I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a little café and I just sat in this chair and I was like, What? I had to get on this plane, and here I am with life-changing news and I couldn’t tell anyone. I did throw party for myself on the plane and had the drinks coming.”

When asked which Hunger Games actor he was most intimidated by, he said Donald Sutherland. “When you’re around him, it’s like this guy is a legend. He’s very stoic and very proper. He is Donald Sutherland.”

He was also quite impressed by Woody Harrelson who he said is “a baller and a rock-star in his own right.”

About the actress playing Katniss Everdeen, he said, “Jennifer Lawrence is a massive talent and just genuine and you hear that a lot, but it’s real. She’s warm open and inviting and gives you a safe place to play.” But Gunn also claims she’s a big jokester and they enjoyed goofing around, giving each other the middle finger at every opportunity.

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So what can we expect from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Gunn claims, “The movie will knock your socks off. You’re going to get close and personal with the districts.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in theaters Nov. 22.

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