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Listen up! Tennis plays games with our hearts

From New York to California, the mountains to the ocean, Tennis is skipping across the country and filling our ears with their brand of nostalgic sound.


There is an astonishing shortage of sweet, vintage pop rock being filtered through the system and we’re calling for a change. Helping us add the innocence into our iPods is Colorado’s very own singin’ sweethearts, Tennis.

You know all those times you couldn’t even get your boyfriend to learn your favorite song on his stupid guitar? Alaina Moore really lucked out when she stumbled upon Patrick Riley. Not only was he willing to learn her favorite songs (we assume), but he also dove right into collaborating with her on their own music. That’s most assuredly why they ended up married and why the rest of us are insanely jealous of their talent and their love story.

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The husband-wife duo is all sorts of interesting. The two met while studying philosophy in college, neither having any real aspirations of a career in music. Their fates were sealed when they embarked on a yearlong sailing trip down the Eastern seaboard. After cruising the Atlantic, the lovebirds returned to dry land with the romance of the sea in their hearts and music in their bellies. Their first album, Cape Dory, was born soon after and the sounds of Tennis began drifting through discerning music lovers’ speakers.

Why do we love them?

In a time when our world doesn’t seem so grand, Tennis offers that sense of the nostalgia we always fall back on during hard time. If Grease‘s Sandra Dee stayed a good girl and married someone her father would approve of, Sandy would have danced to music that sounded strikingly similar to Tennis. Take a listen:

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Their newest EP, put out by Communion Records, is full of Moore’s sweet, girly coos and punched up with just a touch of well-played distortion. Shuffling a little more solidly into a Surf Rock sound, Small Sound, might just be the album that sends them into the next big era of their careers. Moore and Riley make the kind of music you not only fall in love with, but that soundtracks the moments you fall in love… and pine for the love you’ve lost. Whether you’re following along to the rhythm kept by clapping hands of the drumming of the third member, James Barone, one listen to Tennis will find your heart bouncing along for a long time to come.

Tennis is currently on tour, rolling across America and making pit stops at Communion events throughout the states. We can’t wait to hear what will this new round of travels will inspire from the trio.

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