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Nicolas Cage’s steamy sex photos have been stolen!

Nicolas Cage’s headache continues. Steamy sex photos with ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton are still missing and while the potential culprit has been caught, there’s still no sign of the illicit snaps.

Nicolas Cage steamy sex photos are still missing

Nicolas Cage is fresh out of luck and he’s also missing out on a collection of steamy pictures.

The Knowing actor had previously contacted the police to help with his pursuit to find the lost photographs that show him and his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton in some compromising bedroom poses.

The former couple begun dating 25 years ago, back in 1988, before welcoming a beautiful baby boy, Weston, into the world just two years later.

According to recent reports from TMZ, an arrest has already been made and the culprit is said to be handyman Richard Orozco.

Orozco was arrested on Oct. 22 and is now being charged with felony burglary and theft, with a bail that was set at a sum that he could not possibly afford, a whopping $1 million.

However, unfortunately for The Frozen Ground actor there has been no sign of the missing photographs and Orozco is pleading not guilty on the charge.

It is believed the steamy pics were taken from a box in Fulton’s home, along with four computers — we guess the 46-year-old beauty should have hidden her snaps in a more secure place if she didn’t want any prying eyes…

Can you imagine the embarrassment of the former couple’s 22-year-old son Weston Coppola Cage, if these risqué images of his parents turn up? We are secretly hoping, for his sake, that they don’t.

The situation is unpleasant for all parties involved and we are sure Cage would like them to remain buried, and they may just do that because nothing has surfaced six months later.

Orozco’s next court date is Nov. 21 at a downtown Los Angeles courthouse and the police investigation continues. Let’s hope the past remains the past, because it’s been more than a decade since his relationship with Fulton ended.

Not to mention his new wife Alice Kim and their 8-year-old son, Kal-El, certainly don’t need to be reminded of Cage’s past lovers.

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