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Ravenswood review: Into the light

What if “The Devil Has a Face” and it’s the one you waited your entire life to see? Miranda might have met the devil, and it was wearing her mother’s face.

Devil has a Face review

Things are progressing nicely on Ravenswood and at a pretty decent pace. This week on “The Devil Has a Face” we were treated to some character-interaction shakeups and they lead to some interesting revelations.

What does Collins know?

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • Caleb is struggling to make contact with Hanna because he doesn’t want to lie to her.
  • Olivia and Miranda get to know each other, and Miranda admits she’s getting attached to Caleb.
  • Caleb and Remy meet with one of his uncles and ask about the pact, but don’t get an answer. Later he delivers keys to Caleb, telling him it’s his turn now.
  • Caleb and Luke are both confused about where they stand in life.
  • Miranda meets her mother, who comes to take her into the light.

Collins continues to be painted as the bad guy, and after bonding about their mothers, Olivia and Miranda even decided he might have had something to do with the murder of Olivia’s father as well as information on all the murdered teens in Ravenswood’s history. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

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Mrs. Grunwald was once thought to be an evil woman, but she’s the opposite. I don’t think she would trust Collins as much as she does if he was genuinely an evil man. The way he treated Rochelle Matheson was another indicator of his true self. He’s an old-fashioned red herring.

There’s no doubt he and Mrs. Grunwald know a lot about what goes on in Ravenswood, and that’s why he keeps clips of hair of those who pass through his place of business. Discovering what they know may be as elusive as learning the fate of “A” on Pretty Little Liars.

Relationships are crumbling.

Miranda admitted that, even in death, she is developing feelings for Caleb. Caleb is losing touch with Hanna because of his confusion about Miranda and Luke just wants to escape his life, even if it means falling into the arms of Tess.

Those are fairly big revelations given that the romances were epic. Are there other forces at work driving people apart — or are they driving people together?

With as much time as Caleb and Remy are spending searching for clues, I wonder if they might turn to each other even with Caleb’s feelings for a ghost. His uncle comparing Remy to a wife seemed foretelling.

It’s unlikely Caleb and Hanna will break up before Ravenswood is picked up for a second season, but I’m no longer as sure as I once was that he’ll remain true to her. The characters on Ravenswood are good enough that it’s an acceptable answer.

Ravenswood shocker: Are Caleb and Miranda related?

Our town.

It’s not the just name of a play. Mr. Price described Our Town as representing all small towns and how they are built upon the familial relationships that bind them together. That’s exactly what the five are experiencing. Every day they discover they have more in common and their ties go back farther than they imagined.

Miranda saw a lot of other spirits in the cemetery, but the one she found waiting for her at play rehearsal was her mother. Or was it? The name of the episode, the theme of family and Miranda’s greatest desire to find comfort in the arms of her mother probably meant she walked into the light with great evil.

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The episode did have some unconnected dots: Caleb told the old man he was his uncle, but his uncle never acknowledged it. Just how did the old man fit into Caleb’s family line? One of his six siblings had a son who had a son who had Caleb?

I guess we can assume the acknowledgement came when he delivered the keys he had been dragging through life to Caleb with the message that it was “his turn.” To what? Maybe the box that broke open holds some answers.

I should know better than to ask silly questions, as they are rarely answered this early in the game.

Photo credit: Skip Bolen/ABC Family

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