The Originals review: Tyler arrives in New Orleans

Nov 13, 2013 at 9:42 a.m. ET

The crossover is here! But it's really hard to pay attention to Tyler's plot twist on The Originals when Elijah is walking around looking so dapper.

Klaus challenges Marcel in The Originals

As if The Originals needs anymore hotness, Tyler comes blazing into town this week.

If we thought we were over Tyler on The Vampire Diaries we were, well, we were over him then. (He broke Caroline's heart, after all!) Now, he shows up on The Originals and we're still kind of over him but so are Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). Plus, Tyler's got this new, slightly insane edge that may just work for him in the long run.

Hayley is the pawn... again

SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • It was Tyler, not Marcel, who kidnapped Hayley.
  • Hayley has royal werewolf heritage, but Marcel hunted them and ran them out of town.
  • Hayley's baby can create hybrids that won't be sired to Klaus. They'll be sired to Hayley, at least, until the baby's born.
  • Marcel offers Rebekah a life of happiness if they can bury Klaus in the garden.
  • Tyler joins Marcel after he realizes he can't take Klaus down alone.

Hayley just can't catch a break, and she's pretty much defenseless. Except, of course, unless she wants to create an army of hybrids sired to her. After learning this week that not only can the baby's blood create hybrids, but that these hybrids will be sired to Hayley, she might just start fighting back with something other than Elijah.

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Though Tyler's the one who kidnapped Hayley instead of Marcel like we thought, at first it seems like there is hope Tyler did it to help Hayley. Then he goes after her with first a needle followed by a knife, and we realize he's completely lost it.

He believes, like the witches, that if the baby lives, the future won't be good. Like Klaus said, if only Caroline (Candice Accola) could see him now. Tyler definitely seems like a lost cause of crazy. And when he's next to Klaus, that's saying something.

Elijah is taking over The CW

We'll admit, there was a time in the not-so-distant past on The Vampire Diaries where Elijah was just sort of meh. We blame it on the typically dark lighting used on the show. Now that he's getting that New Orleans sun we find ourselves asking, "Ian who?"

This week again, Elijah finds himself standing up for Hayley as her only true ally. They really do make a great team though. Plus, we love that she never lets up on the snark. It makes the whole cheesiness of their googly eyes seem so charming when Hayley barks out something clever.

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Let's just start referring to Hayley as Sailor Moon, please. She knows nothing about her past, but has a weird crescent tattoo on her shoulder. Now she discovers she comes from a long line of wolf royalty that have been suppressed and hunted by Marcel. Tyler takes her to the bayou where some of the wolves are hiding out, but none of them seem too keen on getting chatty.

This can't be good for Rebekah

Maybe we just know Rebekah's history with men a little too well by now, but when Marcel asks her to choose him over Klaus this week, we got a bad feeling. Though it looks like she'll be tempted to take the offer next week, ultimately, I think Rebekah (Claire Holt) will follow Elijah's footsteps and pick family first.

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It really does seem like it's time Rebekah finally found some happiness but, after this week, I don't know if I want to see her end up with Marcel. He did design her a really beautiful house, though. There's just something that doesn't feel right between those two. When Marcel asked Rebekah to help him bury Klaus in his "garden," for some reason I thought of those stories you hear about insane boyfriends who hurt or kill a girl's family members thinking it will help them grow closer in a relationship. (Yeah, I saw The Purge recently.) It's never a good idea, and it never ends well.

Tyler's come a long way since Caroline

We knew Tyler was expected on The Originals before the end of the month. We just didn't expect him to come blazing in with such a vengeance. Someone needs some therapy. And to Tyler, that equals destroying Klaus and his hybrid baby. Instead, he almost gets himself killed until Klaus realizes killing him would only give Tyler the peace he wants.

At the end of the episode, Tyler turns to Marcel and offers him information about the hybrid baby. This is an interesting way to position Tyler and one we didn't expect. Let's state the truth though: Tyler isn't a leader. There is no way he could ever take down Klaus on his own. Now, we've got some new teams: Rebekah, Marcel and Tyler versus Klaus, while Hayley and Elijah just want it all to end.

More crossovers in the future, please! Specifically, *cough* Caroline.

P.S. Where's Cami been lately? Are they phasing her out of the show already?

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