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The girl Justin Bieber wishes would go away: Tati Neves

All was quiet in the world of Justin Bieber for a bit, and then our fair prince traveled to Brazil, where he enjoyed all the steamy goodness the country has to offer (and we’re not talking about food.) Tati Neves, the girl who famously filmed the Biebs while he slept, is making claims about her night with JB, but we’re still trying to figure out, who the hell is she?

Tati Neves


She’s proud of how she looks in swimwear

Tati Neves is really putting the self in selfies. Her Facebook page is plastered with images she’s taken of herself wearing bathing suits that barely cover her birthday suit.

Tati Neves


She’s a model, not a prostitute

Oh, we’re glad that’s all cleared up. So the wad of cash that she proudly displays on her Facebook page with the post, “Thanks for the fresh dolla bills Justin Bieber” is for some modeling work she did for JB?

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Tati Neves


She’s married

Neves, whose full name is Tati Neves Barbosa, is married. She told the U.K. publication The Sun that her husband is OK with her evening with Bieber because the couple is separated.

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She has a kid

Mail Online refers to Neves as a “mother of one,” however there is very little information available about Neves outside of her love affair with her bikinis. We’re sure as her 15 minutes gain speed, we’ll get the deets on Neves’ mothering.

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Tati Neves


She did the no-pants dance with the Biebs

Initially, Neves was hesitant to kiss and tell on TV, but later spilled her guts to The Sun about her night with Bieber. “It was marvelous and unforgettable — he has quite a fit body and looked great naked. Take it from me, he’s well endowed and very good in bed.”

Why do we suspect she’s lying?

We were sort of buying her story, but then she got greedy. She told The Sun that Bieber left a voice mail asking her to come back to his hotel room, but she declined because she was “exhausted.” In the first place, if Bieber calls, you answer. You don’t send him to voice mail, we don’t care who you are. In the second place, if you’re invited back to his hotel room for allegedly amazing sex, you have to catch up with your a** because it’s already taking a cab back to the hotel.

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