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INTERVIEW: Grab your napkins, Shahs of Sunset gets juicy

Reza Farahan chats about the third season of Shahs of Sunset, including the craziest moments and how his relationship is with MJ after their recent falling out on the reunion show.

Bravo’s hit reality series, Shahs of Sunset, recently began its third season and the star of the show, Reza Farahan, popped into the SheKnows studio for a chat. If you think the Season 3 premiere was wild, hold onto your hat, because Farahan said it’s going to get even juicier as the season continues.

“It keeps getting juicier and juicier so get your napkins ready, because you’re going to be drooling,” Farahan teased.

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What else can fans expect in the show’s third season? Plenty, according to Farahan.

“Basically, Season 3 is like a giant Reza therapy session,” he revealed. “I take all my friends on this journey: I turn 40, I move in with my boyfriend, I go back to my homeland. Basically the only thing I didn’t do was cut my arm off and bleed for you guys. Everything else happens.”

One of the craziest things that fans will see involves a trip to Turkey where Farahan found his life in danger.

“Asa surprised me with an excursion to the Iranian border. Halfway there, I found out that we needed to stay outside of AK-47 range because if the towers of the Iranian guards could see us, they would probably shoot at us. So we definitely maneuvered around it and I found out villagers had to be paid off. It was really, really intense and very crazy.”

Another thing that causes tension for Farahan and the rest of the cast are those pesky reunion shows. Farahan said that they aren’t as much of a hate-fest as you would believe.

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“Reunions are very intense, we shoot all day and I don’t think you have enough energy for hate. You’re still processing, you’re completely drained and you really can’t wait to get out of there and be away from your friends and cast members and the crew and Andy and all of it. You just kind of want to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, get home, take a deep breath and process what just happened.”

One relationship that was tested during a recent reunion was the one between Farahan and MJ. How are things between them now?

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“The one relationship I’m excited to talk about is my relationship with MJ, because we did have a huge falling-out at the reunion and we’re in a much, much better place now. So I’m happy to say MJ and I are on the road to recovery.”

Check out the full interview to find out everything Farahan had to say.

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