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INTERVIEW: Vince Vaughn dispatches on Delivery Man

Beloved funnyman Vince Vaughn plays David Wozniak in this new film about a man who discovers his sperm was incredibly popular at a fertility clinic 20 years ago! SheKnows sits down with him to chat about the film.

SheKnows: I cannot wait for my dad and mom to see this movie.

Vince Vaughn: That’s awesome.

SK: I really, really enjoyed it. I laughed. I almost cried. It was really good. Part of the reason why it was so great was your and Chris Pratt‘s chemistry. Were there any crazy antics or pranks played off set when you were shooting the movie?

VV: I really had a lot of fun with Chris. He’s just a really genuine guy. He’s really nice and nice to everyone around him, so it was fun to come in to work with him every day. He put on a lot of weight for the movie and took the role very seriously. You see him now, and he’s in incredible shape. When we were filming the movie, he really — for the character — kind of put some size on, so it was fun to watch his process.

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SK: Out of your 533 children in the movie, did you have a favorite, or did you as David Wozniak have a favorite, or were they all equal?

VV: Yeah, I think all [were] equal. I think one of the joys of the movie is that, you know, we’re all very proud of the film — and I think a big reason why is that so many movies are just a comedy, or just sentimental or just dramatic, and this movie is really all of them. I think it kind of plays into the hopes and fears that you have as a parent and also as a young person starting off in life.

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Delivery Man opens Friday, Nov. 22.

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