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Azealia Banks thinks she’s the female Kanye West

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks may love to feud, but she is all praise for Kanye West. In fact, she believes she shares a deep spiritual connection with him.

Azealia Banks believes that her and Kanye West are the same person

Outspoken musician Azealia Banks is widely known for her Twitter feuds, including cat fights with Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne and Lily Allen. Although one person she has only love for is “Black Skinhead” rapper Kanye West.

The “1991” hitmaker recently admitted to sharing a spiritual connection with Kanye West. In fact, she thinks they are the same person.

Banks told Elle magazine, “Kanye is a genius. Kanye and I are like the same person but boy and girl. We’re pulling from the same cloud, the same inspiration. We’re both Geminis, we’re the two premier avant gardists in hip-hop music.”

“It’s just me and him. I think our consciousnesses are swirling around each other in some weird kind of way…”

Banks controversial behavior and her potty mouth may be longer than her list of accolades, but it’s not all about people she hates in her latest interview. The “Liquorice” singer also admires eccentric Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, who she refers to as “Uncle Karl.”

“He gave me some cute clothes and an iPad. I was like, ‘Uncle Karl!’ He’s really interesting. And the people around him are really nice,” Banks said.

The 22-year-old New York native also believes she could never live anywhere other than her hometown!

Banks explained, “I live in Washington Heights, where I get a lot of bang for my buck. My dollar goes a long way! I’ve got a huge four-bedroom apartment for the same price that I would pay to live in a box in SoHo.”

“I live in a really thick Hispanic neighborhood so I can play my music loud because they love their music. There’s no knocking on my door telling me to turn my music down.”

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