Top 10 reasons The Tomorrow People is heating up

Nov 10, 2013 at 9:03 a.m. ET

The Tomorrow People may not be a breakout hit this fall, but it's still a solid show and quickly gaining ground. Here are the reasons we think it has staying power.

Stephen and Jedikiah in The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is only five episodes in, and we've had our doubts along the way. But last week was definitely the best episode yet, and we found ourselves feeling hopeful about the future of the show. Here's why.

1. The fight scenes

The show has been doing a great job of keeping each episode action packed. Keep it coming! Fingers crossed the show doesn't lighten up on these scenes. The stunts are well choreographed and fun to watch because the three T's are involved.

2. John shirtless

OK, OK — let's objectify a little bit because it's fun. It's The CW, which is known as much for its good-looking men as it is for its exciting plots. John's abs might be the best on the network. Add in a great fight scene with a shirtless John, and we're OK if the story has some plot holes.

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3. The love triangle square

Good-looking men. Check. Strong girl with a venerable past. Check. Now Cara's spilling secrets to Stephen that even John doesn't know. And she's sleeping with John but won't call him her boyfriend. Sounds like Cara was confused long before Stephen showed up. Personally, I'm on John's side. I really like the two of them together. Cara seems a little too mature for Stephen. Which leads to the next point...

4. Stephen's growth

Yeah, he's awkward and cute and lovable, with all that "save the world" passion — but now we're finally seeing some hardships thrown at him. After last week's episode, we're hoping Stephen's ready to grow out of being an insane, shy awkward guy and into being a confident leader. We're OK if the journey takes a while, just as long as we know we're heading in that general direction.

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Cara and John in The Tomorrow People5. The consequences

For the first few episodes, it felt a little like the Tomorrow People were stomping all over Ultra. But last episode, we finally saw Ultra win a round. Though it was sad, it served to heat up the action of the show. Now we really do feel like the Tomorrow People are at risk.

6. Cara is a heroine to root for

Cara's the kind of girl every girl can look up to. She's strong and confident but still feminine and classy. She's intelligent and can take John down in a fight, but she knows when she's wrong. We're curious to see where her character will go.

7. Jedikiah finally had a win

The show got a little redundant in the first few episodes. The Tomorrow People were constantly outsmarting Ultra and beating them at their own game. We were beginning to wonder what the big deal was with Ultra. Then last week's episode happened, and though it was devastating, it poured fuel on the fire like we needed. Now it's a war.

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8. We're seeing more Tomorrow People

Outside of the Stephen, Cara and John bubble, there's a whole group of underground young adults just trying to survive. We're just starting to get a glimpse of their everyday lives as a collective, and we hope it continues. It's interesting to see how they interact with each other and with John as their leader.

9. The plot is getting deeper

Like I said in Point 7, we're finally getting our war. It really seems like a fight and a struggle for the Tomorrow People now — not to mention that the higher-ups Stephen met seem like real downers. There's a whole other mystery there to unravel, and don't even get us started on Stephen's big reveal to Astrid. We doubt John will be happy about that decision.

10. The kill-rule exception

This is the one point of the show where the plot holes are really hard to ignore. The kill rule doesn't really work. Where is the line in our minds between intentionally killing and accidentally killing? If someone attacks you, your instincts don't tell you to murder them — they tell you to protect yourself whatever the cost. Cara was able to fling off that boy who was trying to assault her, and in the process, she killed him.

The Tomorrow People are also able to fist-fight people. What if someone gets punched too hard and dies? That's murder. Does the head ringing only trigger if the killing is intentional? If so, couldn't the Tomorrow People just shoot Ultra agents in the kneecaps? We're glad the secret's out that John can kill because it will hopefully shed some more light on this major plot point in the show.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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