Is Paula Deen having a marriage meltdown?

Nov 8, 2013 at 10:19 a.m. ET

Paula Deen has not been having an easy few months and things could be getting even worse for the former celebrity chef. If the rumors are true, her husband has been cheating and her marriage is about to have a meltdown!

Is Paula Deen's marriage over due to cheating?

Paula Deen is the person that the tabloids love to hate, and once again she has found herself on the receiving end of some bad publicity.

The National Enquirer clearly has a vendetta when it comes to the former Food Network star, as it has now released claims that Deen's relationship is on the outs. Why? Well, apparently her husband Michael Groover has been cheating on her with a mystery "sexy, middle-aged brunette" woman!

The celebrity chef's dishes have gone cold and according to the National Enquirer her marriage has, too. A source discussed the couple's relationship and said Deen reportedly confronted her husband of nine years about his alleged cheating.

Groover's alleged mistress apparently "entertained her lover once a week for more than a year at her Wilmington Island home [in Georgia], and on occasion they went out for drinks," and that "it was no secret they were having an affair."

The source then continues to claim that, "He denied cheating, but she wasn't satisfied he was telling the truth… Finally, Michael got fed up and took off in a huff."

This story has however been slammed by sources close to the family, who revealed to Entertainment Tonight, "The story is not true, Paula and her husband Michael have never been closer and Michael adores her."

No doubt bad publicity can add strain to a relationship and this is not the first time that Deen's marriage has been questioned. The National Enquirer has already written three articles about the disgraced celebrity chef's marriage, including the most recent article about her "$17M Divorce Nightmare."

Sources of the publication claimed,"If they do divorce, Paula could have a real fight on her hands. Now that Paula has soiled his name, too, everyone fears it could be the final breaking point for their marriage."

"Michael is a quiet Southerner, a fifth-generation native of Savan­nah. He's a proud man and has had trouble being in the limelight. This scandal has been a nightmare for him."

"People blast Paula to his face for her racial slurs, and they're let­ting him have it, too. It's a case of guilt by association. Even his fishing buddies rib him about Paula's slurs and how they've become the talk of the nation."

What are your thoughts? Is this all a nasty rumor to grab headlines, or could Paula Deen's marriage be in trouble?

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