Music review: Lady Gaga “Dope

Have you heard how people are criticizing Lady Gaga, saying her career is over? Well, this single may prove this artist is doing everything she can to prove to fans she is the real deal.

Lady Gaga

Could Lady Gaga be drowning in her own pool of fame?

Is it possible that all the success she has experienced is no longer possible to maintain?

Whatever your take on the matter, Gaga is back and she’s onto something. Oh, and she’s also on something. In her talk with Elle for its October issue, she also indicated she “was less drunk and more high on this record.”

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While I would rather not address that any further, I will like to say her new single is honest, raw and presents her vocals in naked perfection that may incite some awe.

It’s adorned with thoughtful piano flecks and passionate exposure from the songstress. Whoa. You are reading that correctly when I dubbed her a “songstress.” I casually enjoyed referring to her as a “businesswoman,” since she seemingly capitalized on controversial issues and elaborate performances. I considered her third most a musician. I wasn’t a hater, I just knew that Gaga was not known for her voice.

Well, you will definitely reconsider her vocals after listening to this song “Dope.”

Sure, it’s about dope and makes obvious references to a struggle she’s had with the substance and her inability to retain a loved one, but rather than the focus being on that, the song takes us to new heights of admiration.

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Rolling Stone makes a comparison to Elton John’s piano style, and I reckon you may even find her vocal delivery similar. But even amidst her heartfelt cries, I still felt sad hearing the single. Could it be because it still didn’t live up to the ballad expectations I would have for this once unstoppable artist? The moment I heard this track would be a slow song, I clamored to hear it.

If Gaga’s intent was to make this more about the message than the dollar signs, I think fans will enjoy it. If you were hoping this would be the next song you have on repeat, you may be disappointed.

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“Dope” is off her album ARTPOP that will be available for purchase on Nov. 11.

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