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15 Reasons why New Girl‘s Nick is the perfect guy

Who doesn’t love New Girl‘s Nick Miller, right? The reasons why Nick is the most perfect guy in the universe are pretty much infinite. But, we’ve made a decent start.

New Girl's Jake Johnson

There’s a reason why New Girl fans spent seasons waiting to see Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) finally hook-up. Nick is, without a doubt, the perfect guy. He’s grumpy and weird, yes. But, he’s also cute, funny and caring. We all see a little (or a lot) of Jess in ourselves. Watching Nick fall for Jess gave quirky girls all over the world hope that someday soon they’d meet, and make-out with, their very own Nick Miller. Most of us haven’t found that guy yet. Or we have, but he’s already found his Jess. So, here’s a little Miller porn to tide you over until you find that special surly dude for you.

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Behold: Reasons why Nick Miller is perfect

1) This move

Nick Miller's smoking guns

2) He’s so, so sassy

“Where are you, Schmidt? This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”

“You cannot turn the sink on when someone’s in the shower! This is not some fancy hotel.”

3) He’s a whiskey girl

Jake Johnson and Olivia Munn

“I see you’re a whiskey girl like me.” -Nick Miller, king of pickup lines.

4) He’s not a gambler

Nick Miller plays "Uno"

“Uno, b****es!”

5) He cannot hold his liquor (and it’s pretty adorably funny)

6) The plaid shirts (because reasons)

New Girl's Nick Miller in plaid

7) That hoodie (and all the others)

Nick Miller in hoodie

8) He’s not exactly a fighter

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9) He’s very aware of his weaknesses

“Jess, if you’ll excuse us, Julie is about to be very disappointed.”

10) And what he thinks are his strengths

“Jess, you can’t teach people how to write and I say that as a writer. A writing class is for somebody who doesn’t think lyrically in terms of p- like poetic words that just are stru-(trails off into mumbling).”

11) This kiss.

12-15) And all of these facial expressions…

New Girl Nick Miller facial expressions

New Girl Nick Miller facial expressions

(Clockwise, we’ve titled these: “I’m still hungry and that’s sad!”; “Pft!”; “Hulk confused”; “I got in a boob fight”)

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We could go on… but we’re pretty sure it’s unnecessary.

Images courtesy of FOX

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