Tom Cruise admits Scientology caused split with Katie Holmes

Nov 7, 2013 at 5:39 p.m. ET

Your suspicions have been confirmed: Tom Cruise admitted under oath that Scientology was a major factor in his split from Katie Holmes.

Tom CruiseWhile Tom Cruise is busy fighting his $50 million lawsuit against In Touch and Life & Style magazines over claims he abandoned daughter Suri in the months after his divorce from Katie Holmes, some very juicy info has come out of his depositions: Why the divorce happened in the first place.

If you've been saying "Scientology" this whole time, you win a gold star!

As lawyers from the magazine's legal team fired questions at the actor about his controversial religion and its effect on his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife, Cruise became more and more agitated.

"Listen, I find that question offensive," he said when asked if Holmes left him to protect then-6-year-old Suri from the clutches of Scientology. "I find it, those statements offensive. Like with any relationship, there are many different levels to it. You know, I, I find it very offensive. There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion."

But Cruise finally admitted that Holmes left him for that very reason. "Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes."

This bombshell confession also included the fact that despite her father's role near the top of the Scientology food chain, Suri does not practice the religion at all.

The magazine asserts that Cruise effectively abandoned his daughter because he did not see her for 110 days after the divorce. Cruise insists his movie shooting schedule is what kept him away, not his religion or any designation of Holmes as a "suppressive person" by Scientologists for leaving the religion, and that he kept in close contact with his daughter by phone and video chat.

"There are many different circumstances," Cruise explained in the deposition. "One, first of all, at this point when you're looking at — you can't compare Reacher to All You Need Is Kill or Edge of Tomorrow. And the situation, you know, when you're thinking of your child and thinking what is the best thing for them, and of course, respecting Katie's wishes in terms of Suri's scheduling, the nature of making that film, the nature of having finished one film, and kind of — agreements change, you know. That wasn't how the thing was set up."

"As I said, things change. Things change. Certainly what doesn't change is the love I have for my daughter, the fact that I didn't abandon her emotionally, physically, or otherwise. And in terms of how I feel about her in terms of the responsibility that I feel towards my child is not — is not waned in any way."

Suri currently lives with Holmes in New York City. The lawsuit is expected to go to trial next year.

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