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INTERVIEW: Vanderpump Rules stars on Stassi’s new ‘tude

Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute chat with us about Stassi’s calmer attitude, plus open up about the challenges of being a couple while on a reality TV show.

The second season of Bravo’s reality series Vanderpump Rules premiered earlier this week with plenty of drama, fighting and cheating. SheKnows welcomed Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute from the show to our studio to discuss what the new season will hold, dealing with super-fans in the restaurant, what’s up with Stassi and how being on a reality series has affected their relationship as a couple.

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The Season 2 premiere already had more than a few moments of drama, but Doute and Sandoval said fans haven’t seen anything yet. When asked to describe what’s coming, Sandoval said it’s “very intense.”

Doute added that it wasn’t going to be all about Jax and Stassi this season.” It’s not the Jax/Stassi saga for the entire season,” Doute said. “It’s a lot of different story lines this season, a lot of secrets, a lot of lies.”

What about a Tom and Kristen saga? Both agreed that there will be “a little bit” of that this season.

As for Stassi, it looks like she may have chilled out a bit from last season. “Stassi has really calmed down a little bit,” Sandoval said about his fiery coworker. “Especially this season versus last season. I don’t know if it’s the fact that she watched herself on TV or got help from pretty much everyone that came into the restaurant. But she has calmed down quite a bit.”

But don’t worry, she hasn’t totally changed. Sandoval and Doute said that fans will still see a little bit of that “spicy Stassi” come out sometimes.

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Now that SUR has become the center of a hit reality show, some things have changed at the restaurant, including the staff having to deal with fans of the show. Doute told a story about one fan that drove all the way from Wisconsin and became so excited when meeting some of them that he actually started hyperventilating.

Though it can be awkward, Doute was quick to defend the people who love the series. “Without them we wouldn’t have a show,” she said.

Some fans have reportedly been surprised to find out that everyone on the show is a real person and that they actually do work at SUR. As for Doute, she said she can’t imagine being anyplace else. “I’ve been working at SUR for six years. As much as I claim to hate it sometimes and complain or whine, I could not imagine working anywhere else.”

Even working for a tough boss hasn’t made Doute bitter. “Lisa’s a little tough on me but I deserve it every once in a while.”

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Being on a reality series as a couple can’t be easy and both agreed that it’s been a challenge. “We’re not gonna lie,” Sandoval said. “It really does add so much stress on our relationship.”

Doute added that part of the difficulty involved rehashing old disagreements over and over again. “Everything that happens [really] happened and that was with or without the cameras being around. It’s like you can’t just let it go. When something happens, we have to keep talking about it and talking about it, while we’re filming. And then it airs and you have to talk about it some more. For me, I think that’s the hardest part. You can’t really just let things go.”

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