Justin Bieber: His epic playboy night in Brazil with 30 girls

Nov 7, 2013 at 1:25 p.m. ET

Justin Bieber fights off new claims he paid for sex in Brazil after a private video of him sleeping at his villa goes viral.

Justin Bieber Instagram photo in BrazilJustin Bieber is clearly enjoying himself, and the women of Brazil, too. A homemade movie shows Bieber sleeping on a bed, reportedly at his private villa, after he and a group of 30 women partied Sunday night.

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It's unclear just how the woman who made the video, Tati Neves, was even able to film Bieber considering his management reportedly went to great lengths to ensure the entire playboy night was kept a secret.

The story goes that all 30 women were made to sign confidentiality agreements and their phones were confiscated. Maybe Neves snuck in her digital camera?

Now tales of the playboy evening spin out of control as rumors swirl that some of them women were Brazilian prostitutes. Gaby Del Campo posted the below picture on her Twitter account insinuating that she was paid by Bieber for something — though she doesn't say what the money was for — and she seems to enjoy perpetuating the story Bieber paid for sex.

Bieber's camp flat out denies the prostitute allegations.


TMZ says friends close to Bieber report he is totally "creeped out" by the video and is stressed over the prostitution claims that just won't seem to go away.

So how did Bieber end up with 30 Brazilian women back at his private villa? The Daily Mail says Bieber hit up Zax nightclub in Rio de Janeiro and partied the night away until 4 a.m. — at which point he decided to keep the fun going and invited a select group of women back to his private residence for "fast food, chocolate and other snacks."

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Some of the 30 women who were at Bieber's private after-party are already talking to the Brazilian press. "There were lots of snacks spread on tables, by the pool, on the verandah, and in the lounge area," said Marina Binimeliz, an 18-year-old student who claims she partied with Bieber on Sunday.

Another girl elaborated, "I met [Bieber] at Zax in a private area and then we went to his house in front of a beach — it was an amazing house. Photos were not allowed in his house; I had to sign a contract."

Watch the full length, original video of Justin Bieber sleeping below.

Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber/Instagram