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Could Charlie Sheen’s twins go back to their drug addict mom?

Brooke Mueller is on track to regain custody of her sons with Charlie Sheen — but should she?

Brooke MuellerAfter more than 20 stints in rehab, is it possible that Brooke Mueller could regain custody of her sons with Charlie Sheen? Shockingly, sources say yes.

“Brooke will be awarded custody of the boys by Christmas, as long as she doesn’t relapse,” an insider told Radar Online.

“She has been sober for several months. She hasn’t had one dirty test. She has done everything that has been asked of her by DCFS, so at this point, there is absolutely no reason for Brooke not to get her boys back.”

A surprising opinion, to say the least, considering the list of complaints the boys’ current guardian Denise Richards lodged against the care the boys receive when visiting their mom, causing them to act out violently against her daughters, pets and teachers.

While Mueller was unsuccessful in her original bid for an emergency restraining order against Sheen earlier in the week, on Wednesday a judge did issue a temporary restraining order against the actor, ordering him to quit yapping about his ex or risk going to jail.

“She just wants her boys back and doesn’t understand why Charlie has gone on a tirade against her publicly,” the source told Radar Online. “She isn’t a saint and doesn’t pretend to be, but neither is Charlie. He needs to take a very long look at himself in the mirror before spouting off at Brooke.”

However, it appears that when it comes to child care, Sheen might actually be the better bet than Mueller. Richards submitted a list of Sheen’s supervised parenting time to the court, which included near-daily visits and lots of quality time together — and the judge would not change custody arrangements, denying Mueller’s bid for an immediate change.

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