Nick Jonas travels to Moscow to support Olivia Culpo

Nick Jonas went all the way to Moscow to offer support to his girlfriend Olivia Culpo as she prepares to hand the Miss Universe crown to her successor this weekend.

Olivia Culpo Nick Jonas

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo will be handing off the crown to her successor this weekend and her boyfriend Nick Jonas went all the way to Moscow to support the beauty contestant in her duties.

Jonas said that watching Culpo go about her work as Miss Universe in Russia these few days has amazed him immensely.

“Ever since, beyond just this trip, I think that this trip specifically though, just seeing… all the hard work, but watching her and what she’s done this last year and a half of her life, it’s amazing,” Jonas told E! News. “She puts a lot of hard work in and I’m just happy to be a part of it and do whatever I can.”

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Culpo had equally nice things to say about her man, giving him credit for helping her get through a full schedule.

“Well, time with my family and a good relationship is definitely what makes it easy,” Culpo said while standing next to her adoring boyfriend. “So those things kind of balance out with the hard work. And being able to give back and being able to inspire people with the crown and sash is an honor.”

Jonas added that he’s thrilled to be able to witness the whole Miss Universe process take place in person. However, his main reason for being there is to support Culpo. “She’s obviously someone I care a lot about, so I’m happy to be here,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Jonas made other news after the boy band he belongs to with his two brothers, The Jonas Brothers, broke up on Oct. 3. It was actually Nick who initially wanted out of the group and he certainly took his siblings by surprise with his decision.

“You prep a million ways,” he told People magazine recently. “There was sort of a shut-off that happened. It took some time, about 24 hours or so, before we could really talk about it.”

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