Is that Elizabeth I in new Doctor Who Anniversary images?

Will royally old story lines be tied up in Doctor Who‘s anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor?” We think so!

Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor Elizabeth I

New stills from the upcoming Doctor Who Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor,” were released today on Doctor Who‘s official Tumblr and we at SheKnows are convinced we’ve cracked the code! The redheaded woman in the one picture is most assuredly Queen Elizabeth I.

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Think about it, Whovians. The Doctor’s relationship with Elizabeth I is an often bragged about matter for him. Most notably (and humorously) was when the Doctor told Ood Sigma that he married “Good Queen Bess” and implied that one of her nicknames (The Virgin Queen) was, in fact, untrue. There have been other silly mentions of his relationship with Elizabeth I, too. One of the funniest moments was when Ten ran into her at The Globe (in “The Shakespeare Code”), the queen immediately recognized him and ordered her guards to kill him. We’re still not 100 percent certain why she was mad at him, though.

Elizabeth I’s relationship with the Doctor isn’t something only seen in the most recent run of Doctor Who. As a matter of fact, she has been popping in and out of the Doctor’s life since the very first incarnation of him, 50 years earlier. Later, the third Doctor mentioned spending time in The Tower of London with Sir Walter Raleigh. Maybe that’s what Elizabeth I settled for, instead of killing him.

Yes, they happened out of sync and to different Doctors but the Elizabeth I plot/gag/story seems to define what little laws of time seem to exist to the Doctor.

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Eleven also had a mention of Queen Elizabeth I. Remember “The Wedding of River Song?” The Doctor found himself in Elizabeth’s bedchamber and stumbled upon a statue of him in one of the Queen’s high collars. When River found it, the Doctor teased, “She made me wear that! I thought it was just a private portrait for her handbag.” He also mentioned that “Liz the First” was still waiting in a glade for him, ready to run off and elope. Eleven left her hanging, maybe that’s why she wanted to kill Ten and imprisoned him, instead.

After 50 years of sly remarks involving Elizabeth I, wouldn’t the anniversary episode be the absolute perfect time to clear up the Queen and the Doctor’s timelines? The anniversary special will star David Tennant reprising his role as Ten (featured below with some knights), Matt Smith in one of his final episodes as Eleven and John Hurt on hand to play a still mysterious version of the Doctor. With so many iterations in one special, it seems like we’re gearing up for something huge.

Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor Tennant

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BBC is promising a new trailer for the special, “The Day of the Doctor” to air on Saturday. You can hope for more insight then. But we all know better than to expect too much clarity from a Doctor Who preview, right?

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