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Ravenswood review: Is the town curse a death pact?

Miranda was laid to rest, Caleb got a job and the remaining survivors learned about the troublesome possibility of a death pact that could be putting their lives in danger on “Believe.”

Ravenswood S01E03 Believe

While there were definitely some things to like on this week’s Ravenswood, it wasn’t the most thrilling episode, despite attempts to escalate the supernatural aspects of the series.

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • It’s the day of her funeral and Collins is preparing Miranda for her viewing. He snips a piece of her hair to keep.
  • The police chief thinks Mr. Matheson may have been having an affair with a woman named Abby before he was murdered.
  • Collins thanks Caleb for what he said about Miranda at the funeral and offers him a job and a place to stay in his carriage house.
  • Olivia has a supernatural connection to the 1992 laboratory fire in which a young girl named Abby Wheeler was killed.
  • Miranda tries to help the survivors contact Abby during a seance and ends up saving their lives.

The more we learn about the past and how it ties into Ravenswood and its history, starting with the first occurrence of a military person returning home followed by the death of five teens, the more it feels like an installment of Final Destination. Caleb, Remy, Luke and Olivia cheated death and someone or something is very angry about that.

In itself, that’s not a bad thing. Some of the Final Destination movies were incredibly well done and the premise behind them — that you can’t cheat death — is always fascinating. But while those movies were held together by wicked special effects, Ravenswood is going to have to survive solely on scares and building upon the six instances of the pattern throughout the years and how it affects our characters.

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Time will tell if a good foundation can be built upon those ideas.

Remy learned that is was a miracle her mother survived the attack on her unit, so there is a possibility that supernatural forces kept her alive. That could be the start of the pattern every time. The family dynamic between Remy and her parents is interesting and other than the “stay away from Luke because he’s bad news” portion of their drama, it should make for a good story.

Olivia’s ability to connect with the supernatural realm intensified as she began seeing a ghost who likely had a connection to her dead father, and could be the reason he was murdered. The timing would be about right for Charles Matheson to have been in high school in 1992 when Abby Wheeler died in a lab explosion as one of five teens killed that year. Maybe the Mathesons have a history of cheating death.

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It was a nice touch for Miranda to be so lost and frightened wherever she is, instead of leaving all of the fear with the living. As it stands, she needs solace in the afterlife just as much as those who are fighting to stay alive. She has the more difficult part for sure. She’s alone most of the time and flits from place to place without knowing how she got there. Then voices start shouting at her to leave and get out.

The afterlife doesn’t seem all that welcoming, at least not if you die in Ravenswood. Miranda is a legitimate ghost and it’s possible she may have a friend in Abby, if they can successfully get her attention with another séance. With the town soaked in death, who knows how many others are floating around town waiting to be discovered?

The best moments of the hour were hands down the scenes between Caleb and Collins. Whereas I didn’t expect to like the gruesome uncle, he grows on you after a while and his time on screen is most welcome. There is something just creepy enough about him to keep you off guard, and just kind enough to wish he would stick around. He’s also kind of hot, in a disturbing way.

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Now that all five teens who were in the car are connected again and they’ve seen the words “five pact” on their homemade Ouija board, what’s next for them to discover? It sure sounds like the first five who were killed made some sort of a pact that got them into trouble and generations afterward continue to suffer their fate. But why?

It’s still very early in the series and the writing team that gave us Pretty Little Liars knows how to weave a good yarn. The mystery is in good hands and the characters are prepped and ready. Bring on the next episode!

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