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Katy Perry tops Justin Bieber on Twitter — but is it real?

Katy Perry just roared past Justin Bieber for the most Twitter followers, but she and other stars have a little trick up their sleeves. See what other celebs have a ton of followers and if they’re the real deal or totally faking it.

Katy PerryRough weekend for Justin Bieber: First, the teen idol was hit with a bottle while performing in Brazil and stormed off the stage in protest, then he was busted visiting a brothel and leaving with two shady ladies and was turned away from multiple hotels with rules against prostitutes. And it gets worse: He has lost his place as the star with the most followers on Twitter to Katy Perry.

The “Roar” singer topped Bieber by a nose with 46,529,048 to his 46,507,582 as of Monday morning.

“For Katy, who has always been about making connections with fans, the social networks are a huge advantage,” Perry’s manager Martin Kirkup told USA Today. “I often say that Katy was born on the internet. She’s taken the fullest advantage of the wonderful world of greater connectivity.”

But how much of that is real? Turns out, Perry, Bieber and a host of other celebs have been accused of having tons of fake followers — in some cases, more than half!

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“Fake accounts tend to follow a lot of people but have few followers,” StatusPeople founder Rob Waller told The New York Times. “We then combine that with a few other metrics to confirm the account is fake.”

According to the service, about 41 percent of Bieber’s followers are fake, and a whopping 52 percent of Perry’s followers don’t actually exist.

What other stars are totally faking it? Prepare to have your mind blown.

Lady Gaga

Total followers: 40,410,595

Estimated fakes: 47 percent

Barack Obama

Total followers: 39,327,968

Estimated fakes: 50 percent

Taylor Swift

Total Followers: 36,300,227

Estimated fakes: 53 percent

Britney Spears

Total followers: 33,786,021

Estimated fakes: 46 percent


Total followers: 32,527,428

Estimated fakes: 40 percent

Justin Timberlake

Total followers: 28,049,294

Estimated fakes: 50 percent


Total followers: 22,683,384

Estimated fakes: 43 percent

Image courtesy Kento Nara/Future Image/

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