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INTERVIEW: The cast of The Starving Games

What happens when a movie takes itself too seriously? It gets a spoof, of course! The dudes who brought us the Scary Movie franchise hope you’ll laugh at the hungry Kantmiss Evershot and her quest to win an old ham, a Subway sandwich coupon and a partially eaten pickle. Oh, and we have an exclusive clip for you, too.

Switched at Birth‘s Maiara Walsh plays Kantmiss Evershot, a hungry archer forced to fight in some really kooky games. Pretty Little Liars‘ Cody Christian plays Peter Malarkey and joins in on the silliness. The two actors seemed to really enjoy poking fun at the successful Hunger Games franchise by turning the wildly popular dystopian fable on its head.

So how far did the duo go to make us laugh? Cody recalled being in the woods, inside a 6-foot pink cake with frosting covering his face. “They had to put straws up my nose so I could breathe, because they gooped it on so thick,” he said.

Maiara couldn’t help but interrupt Cody, adding, “It was just a tiny hole and he had to stand so perfectly still for like an hour straight.” Apparently a PA had to come over to Cody, scoop frosting out of his nostrils and put straws in them.

“I looked like a pink walrus,” said Cody.

About The Hunger Games, Maiara claimed she was a big fan of the books and said, “I had always wanted to play Katniss Everdeen, and they had already cast Jennifer Lawrence, way back when. So this to me was going to be a fun way to kind of fulfill that part of me that wants to play that character, even though it’s in a completely absurd setting.”

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Cody said he wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the project at first and called his girlfriend immediately after reading the script the first time. “I was stunned… It didn’t make sense on paper, it only made sense when we were on set and everything from the page was brought to life.”

Maiara refers to her favorite scene in the movie as “the infamous cave scene” and said, “We had a cave built on set… so we were laying in dirt for this entire time — like a full day — and we have this love scene that turns into this bow-chicka-bow-bow moment.”

By the end of the 18 minutes’ worth of footage, both actors were covered in dirt but reveled in their raunchy glory.

So what should an audience take away from this spoof of The Hunger Games? Cody said they’re definitely not mocking the movie and suggested that the audience just “sit back and laugh. The ultimate goal of the movie is just to have a good time.”

The Starving Games is available on DVD on January 21. In the meantime, watch this exclusive clip of the cast:

Photo credit: Ketchup Entertainment

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