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Blake Lively says she stays slim by eating chocolate

Blake Lively’s svelte figure is due to the chocolate she eats every day and not to exercising, the actress claimed recently.

Blake Lively

As if being tall, beautiful and married to Ryan Reynolds wasn’t enough, Blake Lively also claims she keeps her slim shape by eating chocolate in the morning and at night.

Speaking to Vogue Paris, Lively insisted she doesn’t exercise or do much in terms of fitness to keep herself in shape. “I do nothing!” Lively said when asked about following a strict regime. “I’m lucky to have an active lifestyle. I’m always running around everywhere… So I don’t need to hire a coach or watch what I eat.”

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Which is great, as this allows her to eat chocolate and keep herself happy, a necessary feeling to help her stay slim, she claims.

“I can’t start my day off without a mug of hot chocolate or finishing without crunching a few dark chocolate squares,” Lively revealed. “It’s good for my morale.”

And if this wasn’t enough, the former Gossip Girl star has also been chosen as the new face of L’Oreal Paris. The 26-year-old actress says she credits her great complexion to wearing sunscreen every day, and revealed her easy beauty routine.

“I follow a very simple regime which is broken down into three steps: make-up removal, skincare and UV protection — I’m absolutely obsessed with it,” Lively said. “My beauty must-have is L’Oreal BB Cream with SPF 30 — I never wear anything less than that factor.”

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While she’s generally in high spirits — undoubtedly due to her chocolate habit — Lively admits that when she’s in an unlikely rut, she heads straight for the spa.

“Getting a massage, if possible at the Mandarin Oriental spa in New York, which I love,” gushed Lively. “I always feel much more beautiful afterwards.”

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