INTERVIEW: Brandi Glanville talks Lisa Vanderpump, new housewives

Spoiler alert: Glanville is on the outs with one housewife, has some harsh words for a new cast mate and divulges one housewife’s interesting religious ideas.

SheKnows had the pleasure of welcoming Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville into the studio. We sat her down on our couch and got all the dirt on this season of Real Housewives. Among other topics, Glanville shared the status of her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, as well as her feelings on which new cast members she loves and hates.

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So, what’s ahead for the new season?

“A lot of drinking and tweeting,” Glanville teased, quickly adding that she was joking. “I think that there’s a lot of drinking, for sure, but, you know, all the friendships and dynamics change this season. And it’s a slow change, so it’s not like you just jump off and see that we’re no longer friends anymore. It’s just this slow evolution of all of us becoming just different. We’re changing.”

Relationships are changing, huh? Rumors have been flying that one of those relationships currently on the outs is Glanville and Vanderpump’s friendship. We asked the housewife and she confirmed the sad news.

“You know I really love Lisa and I hope that we’ll one day, again, be friends,” Glanville told us. “Unfortunately some stuff went down that for me, right now, I can’t forgive. But, she’s also not asking me to forgive her. I just, I love her so much and there’s a lot of feelings there. So, I think that’s why I’m so hurt.”

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With Glanville and Vanderpump on the outs, who will Glanville bond with? The show is adding two new cast members, Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud (de Ohoven). Maybe one of them will become Glanville’s new BFF?

“I like Carlton and I don’t like Joyce,” Glanville told us. “I can’t tell you exactly why but I’ll just say that Carlton’s a real girl’s girl and she doesn’t put up with anyone’s BS. She has a tattoo that says, like, ‘F you.’ Which is kind of scary in itself.”

The most interesting fact we learned about the new housewives, though, is that one of them is a witch. Sort of.

“She does practice witchcraft,” Glanville shared. “It’s like a mish-mash of all these different kind of things she practices. She’ll be able to tell you better what it is. She doesn’t belong to a coven, so it’s kind of her own little religion with some Wiccan ideas.”

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Want to know which new housewife is a witch and what, exactly, Glanville thinks of Giraud? Watch the video above for our full interview with the gorgeous Glanville. And don’t forget to tune in tonight for the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo at 8/7c.


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