How Kate Hudson saved Lea Michele during her darkest days

Nov 4, 2013 at 12:42 p.m. ET

Lea Michele kept a low profile in the days after the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith, thanks to a little help from her generous BFF Kate Hudson.

Lea Michele

When your world is falling apart, it is your friends and family who you turn to for refuge — and that is exactly what Lea Michele did after the unexpected death of her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith.

In the upcoming issue of Elle magazine, the actress revealed it was her bestie Kate Hudson who provided her the much-needed refuge necessary to get through those first few days of shock and overwhelming grief.

"I called [Kate Hudson] and said, 'I don't know where I'm going to go because my house is swarmed [with reporters],'" Michele explained to the mag. "She was like, 'Oh, you're going to stay at my house.' Like it was nothing. No one knew I was there. I'll never really be able to thank her, truly, for what she did for me."

That's where she stayed holed up, except for a brief visit to the hotel where Monteith died to view the memorial fans had created for him from the privacy of a car.

The Glee star said she plans to turn her grief around and channel it into something good to help prevent others from falling into the same dark fate as Monteith did with his drug use.

"I never thought I would be in this position in my whole life," she said. "Now that I am in this position, you can choose to rise, and that's what I'm going to try to do. I know that Cory would want nothing more than for me to take this situation and use it to help people."

"It's very hard. And you have to be very strong to come out of this alive, but I think by doing the best for myself, by showing that you don't have to lose yourself, maybe someone else will feel some sort of strength or comfort."

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But no one knows better than Michele how to make the impossible possible — after all, that's why she has become a huge TV star in the first place.

"I was told my whole life I would never do television because I was too ethnic," she said. "I was 100 percent focused and ready to be the best in the world [of Broadway] I was in."

Read the complete interview with Lea Michele in the December issue of Elle, available on newsstands Nov. 19.

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