Revolution theories: Who is Monroe’s son?

Ever notice how Charlie’s eyes are that piercing blue, just like Monroe’s? Perhaps that casting decision wasn’t an accident.

Charlie and Monroe scout in Revolution

OK, before we delve into theories about Monroe’s child, we first have to disclose some other theories we think are ahead.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read past this point unless you want details on upcoming episodes of Revolution.

We don’t think Monroe (David Lyons) is really dead. If he were, the show would have given him a much more meaningful sendoff. There’s a good chance that the syringe was filled with something other than a lethal injection or that the nanites will bring him back. That being said, we think the real drama will surround Miles’ big reveal that he’s the one who hid Monroe’s baby following its birth.

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Show runner Eric Kripke told TVLine that Monroe’s son “does become a developing storyline this season [and will offer] some twists and turns.”

That being said, here are our theories on the identity of Monroe’s child.

1. Charlie

Maybe everyone is just telling Monroe it’s a boy to throw him off. Here’s the thing: If Miles (Billy Burke) were tasked with giving his best friend’s baby away, he would give it to someone he trusted to raise it right. It would be a stable, married couple with great jobs. Who better than Miles’ brother Ben and his wife Rachel? Plus, we always noticed that Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Monroe have the same piercing blue eyes. Perhaps that wasn’t a casting coincidence.

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2. Danny

Could Monroe have killed his own son? That would be an awful plot twist. I think that would be a worse punishment than death for Monroe’s crimes. I can think of nothing worse than a parent suffering the loss of a child. They could go this route in an attempt to make Monroe into a new man. This would be the ultimate storyline for Monroe to realize the error of his ways and seek forgiveness.

3. A new character

We’ve been in need of some more young, attractive men on the show. Now that Jason’s gone all crazy killer, it’s time for a new love interest for Charlie. If Miles thinks the boy is safe from Monroe because he’s “dead,” maybe he’ll go retrieve the son. That could spice up the drama, especially because there is a very good chance Monroe will return — and an even better chance Charlie and Jason will reunite at some point.

Who do you think is Monroe’s son?

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