10 Goofy Emma Stone GIFs

Nov 6, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. ET

Dorky Emma Stone is an actress we truly adore. In honor of this goofy yet carelessly cool girl, we gathered some of our favorite GIFs which highlight Emma's quirkiness that makes us love her so much.

The girl's got talent

Not only is Emma Stone an amazing actress, she has many other talents that you probably weren't aware of... until now.

She has the voice of a singing angel.

Image credit: catchingluck-12.tumblr.com

She has extreme balancing skills.

Image credit: mylifethroughemmastone.tumblr.com


Thought so.

Image credit: mylifethroughemmastone.tumblr.com

She makes eating food look so, so good

Image credit: flynloveswatermelon.tumblr.com

Image credit: beautyandzest.tumblr.com

Those facial expressions

Even her ugliest facial expression couldn't take away from this girl's beauty.

Image credit: almosteverythinggg.tumblr.com

Image credit: humaninrecovery.tumblr.com

Emma can get down

Watch out Julianne Hough! We've got a superstar dancer on our hands.

Take notes because you'll probably want to bust these moves out at your next party.

Image credit: ramonahmet.tumblr.com

Even this guy is impressed.

Image credit: yuannademi.tumblr.com

Stay weird, Emma!

Image credit: jparx.tumblr.com

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