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Homemade Halloween costumes that’ll knock your socks off

Truth: This kid looks incredibly cute as a “living dummy.” Truth: This kid looks incredibly creepy as a “living dummy.” He may have stumbled upon something brilliant here…

Um, kudos to this kid’s parents for totally committing to his costume! When they decided their little boy was going to be Conan, they went all out. I mean, my desk isn’t even that nice.

We are not even kidding when we say this frothy little girl looks sweet enough to eat with a spoon.

Homemade Halloween Kids' Kiss Costume

Not many kids would have the moxie to pull off this Kiss costume, but this handsome guy looks to have personality in spades. Plus, we’ve gotta say… this is the best Gene Simmons has looked in years!

Want to be one of the only parents at your kid’s Halloween carnival not toting around a clown, a pumpkin or a Disney princess? Flex your artistic sensibilities by dressing your kid as world-renowned — and unibrow-laden — artist Frida Kahlo.

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