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Homemade Halloween costumes that’ll knock your socks off

These days, one of Halloween’s greatest treats is gawking at other people’s costumes. Start planning for next year now by getting inspiration from some of this year’s super-impressive (mostly) handmade costumes worn by normal people.

Wow. We can’t even pretend to understand how she made this happen, but it is bloody awesome. Pun clearly intended.
Of all the Miley Cyrus costumes we’ve seen — and there have been a lot — this is by far our favorite.
Blech! As gross as this is, it also makes us think this guy should be auditioning for Face Off. For real.

Not only does this guy already bear a remarkable resemblance to Chef Graham Elliot, but he also nails the far-off expression that the chef is famous for getting when sampling food on MasterChef.

We’re going to have to agree with Akeem, who posted the picture of these “army men.” Definitely worthy of winning Halloween — and yeah, the Internet too.

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