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15 Miley Cyrus Halloween costume fails

We weren’t too surprised that throngs of civilians dressed up like Cyrus this Halloween — after all, we kind of called it beforehand. But we were surprised to see a few fellow stars make like Miles too.

America’s Got Talent’s Bianca Ryan almost got this right. She could have nailed it if she’d bought an authentic unitard and foam finger closer to the original (and, you know, actually wore it).

Joan Rivers does virtually everything for shock value (and a good laugh), so we take her spin on Miley Cyrus with a grain of salt. Still, she kind of looks like the love child of the guy from KISS and Hellboy.

Much like Cyrus’ VMAs performance, this picture just kind of skeeves us out. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Hef has a whoppin’ 60 years on his young bride, Crystal Harris.

Well… there’s this. What more can we say?

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Paris Hilton must be a hardcore Cyrus fan, seeing as she partied with a Miley Cyrus mimic and personally dressed up as the singer. If Cyrus dresses like Hilton next year, we know the world is in peril of doom.

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