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15 Miley Cyrus Halloween costume fails

Ha! Yep, this one’s definitely good for a good chuckle, and these boys were clearly super-creative. Still, with a bit more forethought — clothes that match Cyrus’ real-life ensemble, for example — this could have been a truly stellar costume.
We’ll give her this: the lady’s got gumption. As for her friend, in case you’re wondering, he’s supposed to be a bag of weed. And, yes, they’re a pair. We’ll let you infer what you will from that.

What we’ve got here is a case of three wrongs don’t make a right. Wrong #1: Twerking. Wrong #2: Twerking on a Corgi. Wrong #3: Twerking on a Corgi with nary a foam finger in sight.
No offense, guys, but we don’t even know where to start. And since we have nothing constructive to offer about your costumes, we’ll leave you with this: nice gams, cute wedges, ditch Super Gonzo.

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Oh, sweetie. What you did wrong is do too much right. Did that make sense? Let us explain: To put it plainly, you just look too put together to pull off Miley Cyrus. We do, however, think you would have nailed tongue-in-cheek pretty had you been Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller.

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