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15 Miley Cyrus Halloween costume fails

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Miley Cyrus should be blushing right now. Seemingly everyone and their brother donned costumes to mimic Miles this Halloween… although some fared far better than others.
While we give this guy props for pulling off a purple wig, we had to deduct points for lack of authenticity. What… you couldn’t find a lilac lace pantsuit in your size? And where’s your sparkly purple pasty?
Sure, they’ve got the general idea of Cyrus down — twirly hair buns, tongue wagging, provocative behavior — they’re missing a few key details. Namely? That giant foam finger. It’s a must-have.

First of all, we’ve gotta give this girl kudos for (1) having such a rockin’ body and (2) being ballsy enough to show it off in a Miley Cyrus getup. Having said that, this costume needs more context. Perhaps she could have also carried around a big ol’ sledgehammer?

Funny? Absolutely. Slightly disturbing? Sure. Lacking a giant foam finger and his last shred of dignity? Yep. Still one of our favorites? You betcha.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa… is this a high-school classroom? Will we sound totally old if we ask where the teacher is in this scenario? Regardless, we’re not fans of the fat suit this chick is sporting. Miley Cyrus may be many things, but portly isn’t one of them.

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