"Ugly" Snooki dissed by radio DJ

Oct 31, 2013 at 12:23 p.m. ET

Still smarting from her Dancing With the Stars elimination, Snooki is now dealing with yet another blow to her ego.


This has not been a banner week for poor Snooki. The new mom was unceremoniously eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, where she took the news in full zombie makeup, fake blood mixing with real tears. Her fiancé told her that her breath stinks. Now, she's dealing with the thoughtless words of a small man who doesn't know how to be nice.

Colorado radio morning show host Steffan Tubbs thought his mic was off during a commercial break when he called the former Jersey Shore star "f***ing ugly," but his comment went out to thousands — if not millions — of listeners.

Even Snooki heard about it, and she tried to have a sense of humor when she addressed the issue on Twitter.


Radio station 850 KOA-AM apologized for its employee's thoughtless words in a statement on its Facebook page and said the station is taking "appropriate disciplinary action."

"We are aware of a recent inappropriate comment that was made on-air by Steffan Tubbs," the statement read.

"While Steffan made the comment in what he thought was a private conversation, it was still thoughtless and insensitive and we apologize to anyone whom it offended. We take matters of this nature very seriously and we will take appropriate disciplinary action."

The "disciplinary action" did not apparently include any sort of suspension as the DJ was back on the air the next day.

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Snooki seems to have gotten over the sting of both her DWTS elimination and the DJ's thoughtless comment, and gotten into the Halloween spirit. She posted a photo on Twitter of her family in their costumes, and her son might be the cutest little lion ever.


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