Meet Kelsey Smith: CMT's Sweet Home Alabama bachelorette!

Nov 13, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Every week, the men on Sweet Home Alabama will be vying for Kelsey's heart — and she'll spill all the details after every episode right here on SheKnows! But before the season starts, get to know the Southern belle from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Kelsey Smith from Sweet Home Alabama

SheKnows: Why did you want to be the Bachelorette on Sweet Home Alabama?

Kelsey Smith: I've watched previous seasons on CMT and appreciate the show's sweetness, southern values and romance. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the most incredible way to meet my "other half." I have an adventurous spirit.

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SK: What does your checklist for "the perfect man" include?

KS: My perfect man is a gentleman. He is someone who I can come home to at the end of the day and desire to be near. I also want someone who is my cheerleader in life! I always feel closest to a guy when I lay my head on his chest... so the perfect man for me is someone I can rest my head on, be myself around and feel right at home with.

SK: What is your idea of a perfect date?

KS: A perfect date, in my opinion, involves anything simple, southern and the outdoors. A gentleman doesn't have to go to great expense or trouble to plan a date; he just needs to be able to share a little bit of himself. I'm all about quality time.

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SK: What kind of dates should we expect to see on the show?

KS: Expect a little bit of everything: a little bit of city, a little bit of country and lots of romance!

SK: What's the worst thing a man vying for your heart could do?

KS: Someone who isn't upfront and honest with me is a major turnoff. Also, arrogance is a major turnoff for me. Confidence is one thing, but arrogance is a total turnoff.

SK: What are you most nervous about?

KS: Before I filmed the show, I was most nervous about meeting 22 different guys from all over the United States. My main concern is making sure the guys get to know the real Kelsey.

SK: What are you most excited for?

KS: I am excited for everyone to see our love story play out. I just had the most exciting experience of my life, and now getting to share that with people watching, it feels like a chance to re-live it all over again. I am most excited to be starting the very real next chapter of my life!

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SK: What have you learned from watching previous seasons of Sweet Home Alabama?

KS: From watching the previous seasons, I learned to expect the unexpected, and most importantly, don't judge a book by its cover.

SK: Tell us three fun facts about you that we don't already know!


  1. My favorite foods include pizza and anything that is fried.
  2. I eat sushi with a fork.
  3. My favorite college football team is Alabama. In my hometown, there's two seasons: football and waiting for football. ROLL TIDE!

CMT's Sweet Home Alabama premiere airs Friday, Nov. 15 at 9/8c.

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