The Vampire Diaries sneak peek: Tyler & Caroline may be over

Oct 30, 2013 at 6:54 p.m. ET

Caroline might be moving on to Jesse full time in the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries despite Tyler's late entrance back into the game.

Damon attends a costume party in The Vampire Diaries

We can't say we're surprised to hear the news the Tyler and Caroline (Candice Accola) could be headed for splitsville. The couple hasn't really been a couple since last season. How can you be with a guy who's barely ever even on the show?

We were nervous last week at his return. Just when we thought Caroline was going to move on, Tyler shows up at Bonnie's memorial. According to rumors, that still won't help his chances with the blond vampire. Tyler's time on the show may be up.

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Tomorrow night's episode has our gang attending a costume party. While Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) show off their cute-coupleness by dressing up as Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, Caroline won't have such a lovely time.

In the synopsis, The CW tells us, "Caroline's evening at the Ball takes her from happiness to heartbreak."

Perhaps Tyler will attend the costume party as her date, only to leave her hanging yet again. Maybe she'll finally realize their lives are heading in different directions.

Of course, there are ulterior motives at the "Monster Ball." Damon wants to use Silas' death to bring Bonnie back to life. This means the group will have to work with Silas in a strange twist of events.

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Silas makes things even more complicated by telling Damon he wants Stefan dead. This twist seems a little strange. Why does Silas suddenly want Stefan dead so badly? It's not like Silas hasn't had ample opportunity to kill him.

Qetsiyah was mysteriously absent from last week's episode, though we know her time on the show is far from over. In fact, you might just see some feelings blossom between her and memory-less Stefan (Paul Wesley). Perhaps she'll show up at the party, adding to the complications in Damon's plan.

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