The Originals review: Davina is switching sides

Oct 30, 2013 at 5:20 a.m. ET

And we thought we had the show figured out. Just when we're getting our bearings, The Originals throws the facts in a pot, gives them a stir and comes out with a completely unexpected twist. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Hayley, Rebekah and Sophie look for clues in the bayou in The Originals

Each week on The Originals, we've been asking ourselves how Sophie fit into the story. We'd started to think she was just a pretty witch that was there to stir up a bit more drama without much depth. We were wrong.

Lo and behold, she has a purpose! And it's a good one too.

WARNING: Below are spoilers from tonight's episode of The Originals called "Sinners and Saints."

There are no bad guys

SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • Father Kieran is Cami's uncle.
  • The witches put a hex on Cami's brother, Shawn, that made him go crazy and cause the massacre at the church.
  • Davina was chosen as a witch sacrifice and ran before she was killed.
  • Sophie wants to see Davina dead so the ritual can be completed.
  • The witches told Davina she would come back to life after the spell was complete, but she doesn't want to take the chance.

Every character has a motive you can sympathize with.

Just when we thought Davina and Marcel were the evil ones, we learn about their history together, which began eight months ago. Davina is only trying to save her life from a ritual the witches want to use to restore their magic. In order to complete the ritual, four witch girls must be sacrificed. Davina was chosen and barely made it out alive. She escaped the witches thanks to Marcel.

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Marcel shouldn't get all the thanks, however. He is definitely exploiting Davina's mission to destroy the witches. She feels betrayed after they tried to kill her and who can blame her! The witches believe that if they complete the harvest ritual (as they call it) their magic will be rejuvenated, and the sacrificed girls will come back to life. Davina doesn't want to take that chance.

It's about family, not power

OK, maybe a little power.

Now we understand the comparison to mafia movies.

Sophie isn't trying to stop Marcel so she can use her witch powers again. Her mission is to kill Davina and complete the harvest ritual to bring the other three dead witches back to life, including her niece.

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The Originals and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) have been thrown into the mix only because Sophie saw the baby as an opportunity to save her family. She couldn't care less who controls New Orleans. Destroying Marcel just means access to Davina. We should have recognized the witch connection sooner!

Hayley has hungry eyes for Elijah

Elijah may be the one who's thirsty after being stabbed by that dagger, but Hayley's the one eating him up with her eyes when he returns to the mansion. That girl can smolder.

Elijah is like a moth to a flame, and we all know what flames can do to vampires. Instead of a relieved hug, Elijah gets a welcome home slap from Hayley, who tells him never to make promises he can't keep. Aww, she missed him. We're already feeling the slow burn of this relationship. It's so unexpected, yet so fantastic.

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There are more secrets to be told

Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel are keeping some information from Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Could they have been in a secret relationship this entire time?

Rebekah warns Marcel not to cross her, and Marcel fires the warning right back at her. Then he gets that look in his eyes. It's the one that says, "I'm really bad but also endearingly cute and flirty when I want to be." We know you know the look. It also means the two aren't as at-odds as they have always appeared.

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